La Union,  Philippines

The Other Side of Poro Point (La Union)

Having stayed at China Sea Beach Resort, there wasn’t really much to see or do (except perhaps bond and swim in the pool). Come to think of it now, it’s really odd why they even called it a beach resort… But anyway, walking at the sea wall in the first afternoon, two locals approached me asking if we wanted to take a boat to Poro Point. Now I know Poro Point. It’s that island where Thunderbird Resorts is. You know, that place where John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles had their wedding?

I’m not into showbiz, but that’s where we were supposed to stay initially so I was able to do a bit of research. So it should be a nice place, but more importantly, we’re probably not allowed to be there if we’re not checked in at Thunderbird. Apparently though, there’s a small area on the other side of the island where the boatmen can take us for a small amount of money (forgive me as I forgot how much, but since they’re locals, it’s definitely something you can haggle).

Of course, the explorer in me immediately said hooray! And we were off to Poro Point the morning after.

Here’s me looking very excited on the boat to Poro Point, as the boatman smiles at the camera.

And these guys, not too excited. Notice that we’re not wearing life vests. These boats aren’t really meant for tourists. My guess is that these locals are actually fishermen who treat trips like this as a side job.

We actually passed by Thunderbird on our way to that “other side”. It has that Bellarocca feel from afar, if you ask me, although I haven’t been to either.

Mom mentioned how she wanted us to go there one time. But seeing it didn’t really make me too excited. Well tell me if I’m wrong.

And so here it is, the other side of Poro Point.

We went there in the early morning – around 8-ish – and my initial thought was, the friggin’ mountain is covering the sun! Quite disappointing because that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to go to the beach. But the boatman said it’ll be hotter after awhile.

It is actually a very small area, and the sand is light quite rocky, so it’s best to wear slippers or beach shoes while walking around. We ate our breakfast and waited a bit til the sun is up.

Here’s how it looks like with the sun. In this photo you’ll see the quality of the sand.

Oh, I don’t know why I have so many of these emo photos. I should really try smiling next time.

Like this o, tuwang-tuwa.

Oh, maybe I got it from my mom (middle).

There were little hermite crabs around, which I find really cute.

Mom’s got her own finds. Different colored pebbles.

This is something that I highly disapprove of. I don’t like that we’re taking these pebbles from the beach, but since my mom is just too happy about it, I couldn’t do anything much anymore. Life is tough. Mom’s Happiness > Things I Disapprove Of. I don’t even know where these pebbles are now. Certainly not in my aquarium.

My little sexy sister is happy just staring at things.

The clear waters.

I have a penchant for secret places. I absolutely loved the serenity of not having anybody else on the shore except for my family. We were there for around 4 hours – the whole morning of that day. That’s about enough to have breakfast, take a dip and just hang around.

I wouldn’t tag this place as a must-see or must-visit, but if you’re already around the area and are looking for a more peaceful alternative to beaches with strong waves meant for surfing, then this could be the place for you.

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