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VIDEO: An Airbnb Birthday at Anvaya Cove

My birthday ideas for this year revolved around Airbnb listings. Seriously – a boat in Hong Kong, an island in the Philippines… There are a hundred extraordinary places to experience if you look around there. But finally, I thought, I wanted to spend some time with the family. And so I settled for something simpler. […]


Just to Thank You

I wanted to write an elaborate note, detailing how the year has been and has not been and things like that. But then it’s already two days after my birthday and I haven’t said anything yet. I think way too much sometimes. So I guess I should say it in the simplest way possible: Thank […]

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Jackie at 21 – 5 Years Ago

In January, I rummaged through my stack of journals back in college ’cause I clearly remember drawing Jackie for her birthday then. Well, that was five years ago. Five! And here it is: Note: Alcohol is a friend to mankind if drunk in moderation. A good relationship with alcohol can last a lifetime but you […]

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Bag of Beans and Jakoy

I’ve been going to Tagaytay for two weekends in a row this year. The last one was a day trip for that Taal trek, which I talked about here and here. The week before that was to celebrate two occasions — a birthday and a wedding proposal. Lots of Tagaytay discoveries in that trip too, but I […]