Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo’s Secret Art Haven

PINTO ART MUSEUMPreviously, I raved about how stunning I thought Pinto is, but I didn’t really show a lot of photos of the actual art inside. Although its exhibits may vary from time to time, here is a visual sneak peek of what was there this March 2013. Continue reading “Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo’s Secret Art Haven”

Budgeting for Malasimbo Festival

We only stayed overnight and went to Mt. Malasimbo for the festival in the evening so we only bought the one-night pass. But aside from the ticket itself, going to Malasimbo means having to pay for travel and accommodation at Puerto Galera. Here’s a list of things you need to consider when budgeting for Malasimbo in case you want to go next year. (I’m telling you now – you should.) Continue reading “Budgeting for Malasimbo Festival”

Stoned at Malasimbo

MALASIMBO 2013 –  It’s been a week since and I’m still raving about this charming 25-year-old singer, Joss Stone, one of the main performers in this year’s Malasimbo Music Festival. I wasn’t even a fan prior to hearing about her scheduled performance, but I’ve heard good stuff about the festival itself so I made sure to be present this year, even just for one night. Continue reading “Stoned at Malasimbo”

Norah Jones Before I Die

There are only a handful of people and bands in my “artists to watch perform before I die” list. And yes, this very short list includes Norah JonesContinue reading “Norah Jones Before I Die”

Norah Jones in Singapore 2013 – A Sneak Peek

Norah Jones performed at The Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore just last night, February 27, 2013. Friend and I had the best seats in town. Front and center – close enough to see her pores. No, I’m kidding. But here’s a sneak peek – Norah Jones singing Lonestar.

14 Picture-taking Tips at The Mind Museum

It’s still the month of hearts, so I hope you could forgive me for the cheesy opening photo. Also, this is my very first How To ever, so forgive me for all the silliness. Continue reading “14 Picture-taking Tips at The Mind Museum”

Jackie at 21 – 5 Years Ago

In January, I rummaged through my stack of journals back in college ’cause I clearly remember drawing Jackie for her birthday then. Well, that was five years ago. Five! And here it is:

Note: Alcohol is a friend to mankind if drunk in moderation. A good relationship with alcohol can last a lifetime but you have to remember that any human activity is pertinent only if it is performed within the limits of [y]our endurance.

Continue reading “Jackie at 21 – 5 Years Ago”

Silent Swim: A Painting Exhibition by AB Paredes

I got the invite through Facebook, and then later on through a BBM by a good friend who also happens to be the sister of AB Paredes. It was a Saturday night and I was supposed to sleep early for our supposed early morning trek (watch out for that post), but this was pretty interesting. Besides, I feel like being a yes person these days. So off I went to the exhibit at Nectar Restaurant in Makati.

I was a bit surprised to know that The Akafellas are still alive — apparently the owner of the bar is part of that group. They were performing when I got there. Not really a fan, but good company and overflowing wine = always awesome. Here’s my partner-in-crime, Carla Paredes looking like she doesn’t have clothes on:

The artist there in the middle – AB Paredes herself.

And her works, which my Blackberry camera didn’t give much justice to. Silent Swim. Go figure. Continue reading “Silent Swim: A Painting Exhibition by AB Paredes”

Androgyny – and then some

I’m not one to share another’s work in this space, but with the rate that I am obsessing with the works of Katrina Pallon lately, I just couldn’t stop myself. I came across her 365 project when she tweeted one of her first few works for 2012. It was love at first sight. Ayayay. So when she asked for suggestions for her next woman, I just had to make a request. And so yesterday, there it was: Androgyny.

Beautiful. I will not try to interpret this work – that’s not really my thing. But can I just say… This is some gorgeous piece of art. It’s just so creepily right.

She says there will be 355 more posts to go? Ah, this will be a year of beauty. I’m looking forward to that drawing session.