Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo’s Secret Art Haven

PINTO ART MUSEUMPreviously, I raved about how stunning I thought Pinto is, but I didn’t really show a lot of photos of the actual art inside. Although its exhibits may vary from time to time, here is a visual sneak peek of what was there this March 2013. Continue reading “Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo’s Secret Art Haven”

Budgeting for Malasimbo Festival

We only stayed overnight and went to Mt. Malasimbo for the festival in the evening so we only bought the one-night pass. But aside from the ticket itself, going to Malasimbo means having to pay for travel and accommodation at Puerto Galera. Here’s a list of things you need to consider when budgeting for Malasimbo in case you want to go next year. (I’m telling you now – you should.) Continue reading “Budgeting for Malasimbo Festival”

Stoned at Malasimbo

MALASIMBO 2013 –  It’s been a week since and I’m still raving about this charming 25-year-old singer, Joss Stone, one of the main performers in this year’s Malasimbo Music Festival. I wasn’t even a fan prior to hearing about her scheduled performance, but I’ve heard good stuff about the festival itself so I made sure to be present this year, even just for one night. Continue reading “Stoned at Malasimbo”

Norah Jones Before I Die

There are only a handful of people and bands in my “artists to watch perform before I die” list. And yes, this very short list includes Norah JonesContinue reading “Norah Jones Before I Die”

Norah Jones in Singapore 2013 – A Sneak Peek

Norah Jones performed at The Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore just last night, February 27, 2013. Friend and I had the best seats in town. Front and center – close enough to see her pores. No, I’m kidding. But here’s a sneak peek – Norah Jones singing Lonestar.

14 Picture-taking Tips at The Mind Museum

It’s still the month of hearts, so I hope you could forgive me for the cheesy opening photo. Also, this is my very first How To ever, so forgive me for all the silliness. Continue reading “14 Picture-taking Tips at The Mind Museum”