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    VIDEO: Hiking Mt. Pinatubo

    Is it nice in Mt. Pinatubo? A lot of people ask me this question. Well here’s my short answer: I’ve been there thrice. Mostly to accompany cousins from abroad. I hope that answers it. I recommend it mainly because it’s beautiful, but…

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    VIDEO: Exploring Coron, Palawan

      It has been a long, long while since I’ve written anything around here. At times I feel like adult life has been pulling me away from the part of my soul that likes creating things just for the heck of it. But…

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    Temple Raiding at Siem Reap, Cambodia

    SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA – Throwback from August 2013. I had a long blogging hiatus last year, but it doesn’t mean I also had an adventure hiatus. I have been out and about, as I always am, though I’ve reduced my stories…

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    Cruising at Ha Long Bay – Hanoi, Vietnam

    The Ha Long Bay Cruise was part of the Groupon package we bought for the Vietnam trip. We took the one-day cruise, although there’s an option to have it overnight. It’s just enough to actually experience the place and take…

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    By the Hoan Kiem Lake – Hanoi, Vietnam

    Hoan Kiem Lake or “Lake of the Restored Sword” is probably the most scenic spot in Hanoi (that I know of). When we went there, it was – no kidding – literally filled with people. Not in an I-can’t-breathe kind…

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    Temple Hopping in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Temples again? Well, yeah. In almost every country we go to, it is almost a must to see a temple or church or two. Religion is a very huge part of culture. I am not religious, mind you, but I find…

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    Bali, Indonesia: Temples Galore

    BALI, INDONESIA – Bali is called “The Island of a Thousand Temples” for a reason. Everywhere you go, every corner you take, you’ll see a Hindu temple or shrine. It is said that there’s one in almost every home.