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Cartimar: The Divisoria for Pets

If Divisoria is for clothes and Dangwa is for flowers, Cartimar is the shopping complex for pets. Yes, pets! And you might have heard that this place is oftentimes raided for illegally selling endangered animals. Name them — monkeys, snakes, birds, spiders, turtles, all these wild creatures and more. It’s like a zoo, except you can actually buy the poor little things. Good thing I didn’t see any when we went there yesterday.

So my sister Nikka and I drove all the way to Pasay to buy a few things for our beloved fishies — my grandmother and I have 3 aquariums back home. Since we had some time to waste, we did a little exploring. We were more interested in the fish section so most of our photos are from there.

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Pets are companions and stress-relievers so it’s nice to have one (or more) at home. Just make sure you’ll allot a bit of your time to take care of them. I have a pretty big aquarium in my room and it sometimes takes me hours to clean it up, but it’s always worth it. Sometimes I find myself just staring at my fishes. It’s really relaxing.

If you just want to try it out, I recommend buying a fighting fish or two. One set should cost only around P100, with the tiny aquarium at P50 + fighting fish at P20 + deco at P10 + fish flakes at P20. Remember, you can’t put them together ’cause they fight (hence, the name), but you can opt to buy two sets, try to put the aquariums together so you can see their beautiful angry fins. If you want a real aquarium (10- 30 gallons), that should only cost you around P2,000-P3,000 all in. Of course, that depends on what kinds of fishes you want, your aquarium design and size, but more or less that should cover you. Note though that taking care of saltwater fishes is a whole different banana and requires more time on your end.

If you want to get a pet you could actually touch, then that’ll cost you a bit more. Nevertheless, you should find anything “pet-able” in Cartimar, in whatever size or color you can think of. Just make sure what you’re buying is legal. And if it’s not, make sure you know how to take care of it!

Cartimar Shopping Center is located in Cartimar Ave., Pasay City, NCR, Philippines. Click here for the map.

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