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Hanoi Food Trip #3: And 4 and 5

The message is clear: We ate a lot in Vietnam. And so I’ve decided to put all of those food places in which we’ve eaten together in one post. This is that post.

The first three photos were taken at the cruise ship at Ha Long Bay. Considering it’s “tour food”, I didn’t imagine that it would be superb. They serve food on your table, to be shared by 6 people.

In one of our dinners, our hotel receptionist recommended a restaurant with a funny name – LadyBird Restaurant. It’s located at 57 Hang Buom Street, which is walking distance from the hotel we stayed in.

This is where I got to taste their San Miguel equivalent, Bia Ha Noi beer, which was… Okay. I’m not a beer drinker, but I’d say it’s nothing special.

Yes, we ordered this much for just the two of us.

Our last dinner stop was at Sweet Cherry Cafe at Phan Chu Trinh, Trang Tiem. This restaurant is┬álocated in one of the higher-end areas in Hanoi. I like the ambiance of the place – it’s a good way to relax after all the traveling. But quite frankly, if you’re looking for a food treat, I would rather you go eat at low and mid-priced restaurants.

The appropriate hash tag for Vietnam, I guess, is #foodporn. I must say that after having written this, I am very very hungry. Or craving. And did I mention that food there is really cheap?

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