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Jackie at 21 – 5 Years Ago

In January, I rummaged through my stack of journals back in college ’cause I clearly remember drawing Jackie for her birthday then. Well, that was five years ago. Five! And here it is:

Note: Alcohol is a friend to mankind if drunk in moderation. A good relationship with alcohol can last a lifetime but you have to remember that any human activity is pertinent only if it is performed within the limits of [y]our endurance.

I don’t remember why I said that but… I do remember the first time we went drinking together with our lovely friends. College days.

Belated Happy Birthday anyway.

This entry has been stuck in my drafts section for about two months now. As we speak, we are inside Abby’s car, on our way to her home in faraway south. I have no idea where we are. Abby is driving, counting the hours it’s been since we left the office. In between traffic stops she checks her Twitter feed on her Blackberry. Abby’s brother’s head is down – I believe he’s asleep. Jackie is singing every song that plays on the iPod, except the one that’s playing now. And I – yep – I’m blogging with my iPad on Smart 3G, using the Blogsy app.

Ah, technology. Things would’ve been a bit different 5 years back.

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Even if this reminds me of my maturing self, i love this a lot, Vids! Haha keeping it:) thanks!!!

Vida Sioson you know i was kidding right? try imagining me with macho legs and not laugh. 😛

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