Porcelanosa Grupo Opens in Manila

Porcelanosa Grupo, apparently one of Spain’s “most reputable companies in the international scene” opens in Manila.

But before I say anything about that, let it be known that I don’t really know anything that I’m gonna be talking about. My ever-clingy friend Jean Ong and I were on our way to somewhere else one evening, and she asked if we could pass by her brother’s event at The Fort. Again, I didn’t know what it was about at all, until we went there and I found out it was actually a super high-end event that was the launch of Porcelanosa – a company in which her brother is a president.

I did a bit of googling tonight and found another person who knows more about this a great deal more than I do. Read the blog here.

Crazy awesome? Not yet. The other day, Jean was raving about how her brother is on the front page of The Philippine Star. The topic was that Jay Ong, the president of Porcelanosa and brother of Jean Ong, had a private dinner with Prince Charles in Scotland. Now isn’t that amazing? How many times in your life will you get to meet a real prince?

As I am addicted to pretty things, I am very lucky to have taken some photos during the launch. Check. It. Out.

The showroom showcased an array of house stuff – from tiles and floorings and laminates…

To all those pretty bathroom stuff…

To all those little shiny things that we don’t usually notice on a regular basis.

What I like about it is how clean and simple everything is.

It seems that all their products are the same and different at the same time.

It seems they were designed to be super soothing.

You’d want to take off your clothes and take a dip right there and then.

It is the little details that matter.

Elegance in simplicity.

Compared to every other similar showroom I’ve ever seen (I haven’t really seen a lot but – ), this is the one I consider with the most taste. Their pieces look so elegant and timeless.

Oh, how I dream of investing on these shiny little things. Hey, one day I will.

So, what do you think?

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