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Silent Swim: A Painting Exhibition by AB Paredes

I got the invite through Facebook, and then later on through a BBM by a good friend who also happens to be the sister of AB Paredes. It was a Saturday night and I was supposed to sleep early for our supposed early morning trek (watch out for that post), but this was pretty interesting. Besides, I feel like being a yes person these days. So off I went to the exhibit at Nectar Restaurant in Makati.

I was a bit surprised to know that The Akafellas are still alive — apparently the owner of the bar is part of that group. They were performing when I got there. Not really a fan, but good company and overflowing wine = always awesome. Here’s my partner-in-crime, Carla Paredes looking like she doesn’t have clothes on:

The artist there in the middle – AB Paredes herself.

And her works, which my Blackberry camera didn’t give much justice to. Silent Swim. Go figure.

Granny undies made sensual.

Zoom in.

Lola panty.

Kinda obvious that this is my favorite.

Sea things.

This creature’s swimming in one of her paintings.

The elephants.

And one of the names of her paintings I wouldn’t forget – Ocean Explosion. (Too zoomed in in this photo, but it’s an explosion for a reason)

So? Nice way to end things right? With an explosion.

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