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That Pretty Street in Vigan — Calle Crisologo

My mom comes from an Ilocano clan, but for some reason I don’t remember ever going to Vigan when we were younger. I have often envied the pretty photos of its streets, buildings and calesas so it’s pretty exciting that I can now share my own.

This is from Calle Crisologo — one of the most beautiful streets in the Philippines. I always thought all streets in Vigan look this way.

Horses and calesas come in different shapes and sizes. You can ride one and tour around. It’s pretty hot though, so you don’t want to take too long.

Even the newer restaurants look oldish.

This would be me and my kaartehan — Hahaha.

This is where our driver took us for lunch — Cafe Uno. We ordered Vigan Longganisa, Pakbet and Buco Shake. Prices are very reasonable, and it had that Vigan ambiance in it.

My favorite photo byfar — antique stuff for sale. Care to buy an antique bath tub?

I love Vigan!

This is just a small part of our Vigan trip. I should post more in a bit!

Also during this trip:

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Hi Vida, I would like to ask some permission if its ok to use one of your photos on our website? I really like the first one. Let me know thanks!

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