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14 Picture-taking Tips at The Mind Museum

It’s still the month of hearts, so I hope you could forgive me for the cheesy opening photo. Also, this is my very first How To ever, so forgive me for all the silliness.

It was my second time at The Mind Museum in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. This time around I came with some like-minded friends. (Kids come in all ages, I tell you.) So after going through my photos on the iPhone, I figured, hmm, people could learn from this… Anyway, let’s carry on with this educational blog post.

#1: When there is something that you don’t understand in the museum, touch it with one hand and feel its energy. Then stare at the camera and express how you feel.

Note: this will only work if you are beside a Mind Museum employee who is attempting to swallow some… balls or something.

#2: The big moon in the space section is just darned awesome for taking photos. Embrace it.

Carry it.

Or pull a random stranger (make sure he’s good looking) and kiss him like it’s Valentine’s Day.

#3: Your friends will spend too much time analyzing shit (I mean it, those things they’re touching are dinosaur dung fossils). Make sure this is well documented.

#4: Bring a friend with long recently Brazilian blowdried hair. Let her pose beside the cave woman. Examine the (non)difference.

#5: There are small spaces all around the museum not meant for people. Always attempt to fit yourself in them. Ask a friend to click on your camera for you.

#6: You will feel most like a model in the Static Van de Graaft section. Pretend to be hot. Pout and project.

I assure you that this will attract many paparazzis.

And will give you an opportunity to be featured in silly blogs. Such as this?

#7: Make sure to take a picture of the name of this particular section. Post it in social networks. Brag that Marge, the designer, is your good friend!

That’s Marge (Margrette Mae C. Arciaga) right there, wearing a printed polo (right most).

#8: Ask your friends to point at somebody’s belt. Or pants. Or whatever. As long as they laugh at it. (nah, I just thought they’re cute, enjoying this experiment and all)

#9: I’ll tell you the 9th tip as soon as I find out what this thing is…

#10: Pretend that your head is bobbing out of a toilet bowl.

#11: Look for special corners (this is on the 2nd floor where the pile of books are). Pretend you are Raggedy Ann. Or Raggedy Carla, if your name is Carla.

#12: Pretend to wear a Filipina costume. Smile your Maria Clara smile while shaking your ass (not seen in photo).

#13: Bring the Mind Museum attitude even outside the museum. In Burgos Circle, for example. If your boss lives around the area, pray that he is not walking his dog as you do this pose with your friends.

Be prepared to flee when the guard is walking towards you.

#14: Take a photo of embarrassed boyfriends. (They love you for who you are… Right?)

OMG I finished at #14 and Valentine’s day is on February 14. It’s meant to be.

Well, well, enjoy your photo-taking adventure at The Mind Museum! What other ideas have you?


The Mind Museum is located at J. Y. Campos Park  3rd Ave, Taguig City, Philippines. For more info, visit: Or their Facebook page:

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