Antipolo Music and Art Philippines

Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo’s Secret Art Haven

PINTO ART MUSEUM – Previously, I raved about how stunning I thought Pinto is, but I didn’t really show a lot of photos of the actual art inside. Although its exhibits may vary from time to time, here is a visual sneak peek of what was there this March 2013.

Antipolo Philippines

Opening the Doors to Art at Pinto

PINTO ART MUSEUM – I have lived in Antipolo since I was born. I’ve heard of Pinto maybe once or twice in my lifetime. What I didn’t know is that this place that people are talking about is a huge haven of art. I have never seen anything like it, and I’m quite surprised that […]

Manila Music and Art Philippines

14 Picture-taking Tips at The Mind Museum

It’s still the month of hearts, so I hope you could forgive me for the cheesy opening photo. Also, this is my very first How To ever, so forgive me for all the silliness.

Manila Philippines

Biorhythm: Music and the Body with some Buddies

Biorhythm is a travelling exhibition exploring the relationship between the music and the body. It was first exhibited at Science Gallery in Ireland back in 2010, before moving to New York and then Singapore. I would never have heard of it, except that apparently, since November 15, 2012, it’s been here in the Philippines at The […]

Asia Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam: Museums and Other Sights

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and its second largest city. We went there just last month, after fate has allowed us to purchase a tour package on Groupon coupled by a Cebu Pacific seat sale. Our first choice was actually to visit Ho Chi Minh – for some reason, it felt like the more […]

Bataan Philippines

Dambana ng Kagitingan: A Shrine in Mount Samat, Bataan

We passed by Mount Samat National Shrine or what is more commonly called “Dambana ng Kagitingan” (Shrine of Valor) after our trip to Las Filipinas De Acuzar in June. The shrine is located near the summit of Mount Samat in the province of Bataan.