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Festo Do Mundo 2011: A Big Capoeira Blast for Everyone

To those who are wondering what the hell Festo do Mundo 2011 is, here’s a not-so-brief explanation. Yearly, Sinha Bahia Manila holds a big Brazilian culture event with capoeira in the center. This year, this festival was composed of a workshop, batizado, and a bangin’ brazilian presentation at the Eastwood open park.

DAY 1-2. November 9-10.

Monitor Lorem flew in from Australia specifically for this. At 29 years old and with 17 years of experience, he taught us the basics of the game Benguela. Benguela, explained badly, is the slower, smoother game of capoeira. If you think that it’s the easier game, then Lorem will be the man to prove you wrong. We weren’t that prepared to have our muscles all used up before the event but man, did we enjoy that!

DAY 3. November 11.

Friday was reserved for rehearsals and last-minute costume preparations. By that night, some people from SBC Cebu have already flown in to join us. In SBC, capoeiristas from all over the Philippines — and all over the world are considered familia. So everytime there’s something big, we send owls to different parts of the world for invitations. This year, it was graced by Monitor Lorem from Australia and some good folks from Cebu.

DAY 4. November 12.

Noon. So here it is, The Day. Although most of us haven’t rested from all the preparations (and bonding), the energia was just amazing during the batizado. Literally meaning baptism in portuguese, batizados are ceremonies in which capoeira beginners are welcomed to the family and given their first cordaos (cords). At the same time, not-so-new members receive their new cordaos depending on their level of awesomeness! In capoeira, everybody is friggin’ awesome, not necessarily because of their skills but also because of their contribution to the familia.

Afternoon to Evening. No resting allowed it seems. Right after the batizado, we headed straight to Eastwood Open Park to start our preparations for the show. Here’s what we showed off:

  • Maculele. It might be surprising to see martial artists in grass skirts, but it’s all part of the brazilian culture. Maculele is an afro-brazilian dance with people striking sticks together. Apart from being nice for shows, this also proves to be a damned good cardio workout.
  • Afrodance. I’m not really sure about the history of this, but this is sort of a warrior dance.
  • Samba. So after all those war and fight-ish tunes, some girls (and guys) from the team did a little bit of samba to wow the crowd. A little something to take men’s eyes out of their sockets.
  • Capoeira. Last but not the least. It was time to show off our axe and get the audience clapping. Some flew and some but stayed on the ground, but everybody got the place rockin’. After some choreographed numbers and a bit of solo sequencias from the not-so-beginners, monitor and mestre, we ended the round with a roda de livre.

Late Evening. Not so fast Jafar, we ain’t done yet. in fact, the party has just started. **Content deleted. What happens in the party should stay in the party.**

That was just a taste of capoeira. Wasn’t able to join or witness that? Don’t worry, there’s gonna be an even BIGGER one this coming April 2012. 😉

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