30 Day Challenges Life

November: Bright and Sunny Days

There are two things that are central to our life at home – the amazing food that is the outcome of Paula’s experiments, and my movement practice that is one of the things I look forward to everyday. In October, I decided to finish the year strong with Dylan Werner’s Total True Strength Training – a 90-day yoga program that’s meant to push your body beyond its limits. Throughout the year, I focused on my inversions, pull ups and running. The plan was to go full circle and back to the mat. But the universe had other plans. 

My hospitalization was gut-related, and when I got out, the doctor basically said I can’t eat what I used to eat, and I can’t workout for at least a month. It was like having a rug pulled from underneath me on a bright and sunny day. But you know what? Even if my butt might hurt a bit from that fall, it’s still a bright and sunny day. Nothing changes that.

Thank you November, for bright and sunny days.

So, what do you think?

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