30 Day Challenges Life

October: A Heightened Awareness

Arriving in October is already a win in itself. We’ve all survived through so much. I tried to catch my breath a bit by having my first vacation of the year. Paula and I went on a staycation at W Hotel in Sentosa and Capitol Kempinski. This was my first pit stop from the endless race that is 2020, and a celebration of life for the person who, aside from being my personal chef, was also my rock throughout the tumultuous months that have passed. 

Towards the end of the month, 2020 decided to add another dash of “excitement” to my days, in the form of a sharp pain below my belly button. I dismissed it as muscle soreness, but when it worsened, I was led to the ER and eventually had to be admitted to the hospital for a few days. It sucks. But believe it or not, I had the same attitude with it as I had when I woke up with a flooded apartment. It’s no big deal.

Every trial magnified my awareness that the most important things in life are also the most basic – a healthy family, a place to sleep, food to eat, having a job. Everything else becomes secondary.

Thank you October, for a heightened awareness of what is truly important.

So, what do you think?

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