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Taal Cam-whoring (Taal, Batangas Part 2)

Warning: contains me and my family and lots of touristy photos

We actually went up Taal because my cousin Joie (in brown shirt) is an avid hiker in Portland. This is baby stuff for her, so I’m looking for a level 2 place to go to this weekend. Open for suggestions!

It also happens that I love talking to strangers, so we met a few people.

This pretty woman chose quite a comfy position, so we just had to share it with her.

This guy’s pretty interesting – had a bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen walking up. Pretty good or bad idea, depending on perspective I guess. Drinking beer. It’s more fun in the Philippines, I said. He laughed and said, yeah!

This one’s even more interesting. He came with his family. And some eggs. He was gonna hard boil them on the holes with smoke on the ground!

I wonder what you call these things.

But we figured it deserved a photo with us.

The trip was actually quite tiring.

But worth it. As shown by Ms. Amazing Race Asia right here.

To top it off, it’s my first trip with FiveFingers.


  1. Go in the morning. It takes 2-3 hours if you’re riding a horse, so it’ll be good to start at 7am to avoid the dangerous heat of the sun.
  2. Expect it to be hot. Bring sun block, perhaps a hat, a scarf to cover your nose from the dust (just in case), and water.
  3. Tip the horsemen! They’re kind and it will help them a lot.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes. Wear sleeveless, actually. Really comfy, stretch pants and non- slippery sneakers (although my sister were on slippers and it was fine, I don’t recommend it especially if you plan to walk).
  5. Bring a camera! For obvious reasons.
  6. Get a horse. It will save you a lot of time and energy. The standard trail is not meant for feet. And as I said, it’s part of the experience!
  7. Take a shower after the trip. I assure you that you’ll smell like a horse after all that time under the sun. There are decent bathrooms back at the Taal Yacht Club to help you smell like a person again.

So long, goodbye from the narcissist. I’m off to plan the next trip.

Taal Yacht Club is located at Talisay, Batangas, Philippines. Tel# 63-43-773-0192. E-mail

4 replies on “Taal Cam-whoring (Taal, Batangas Part 2)”

Hey I subscribed to your blog. See? I’m supportive! Wow, taal is so beautiful!!!! Must try that place one time. And ooh you rode horses? Excellent! Haven’t ridden one in years i tell ya. Haha i noticed the FiveFingers right away. Was it comfy trekking in them for hours?

Yahoo! 🙂 I just like sharing stuff is all. Yes can we go hiking or something this year? I didn’t really walk for long so the shoes were comfy enough. I’ll let you know when I use it in Pinatubo or something – then we’ll know. They still look funny though!

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