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The Crater (Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales Part 3)

This is it, we said, after the last stop.

We were wrong though. Apparently, the last stop was just sort of the beginning of another segment of the journey.

The path is narrower in this part of the hike, so if you happen to have slow people walking in front of you, don’t feel so bad. You will likely finish longer than 20 minutes – at senior citizen pace?

Just enjoy it anyway. The path is rocky.

But in the end, the view is worth it.

Lots of tourists hanging out as if it were a beach.

You can ride a boat to the other side – that’ll cost you P350 per person. A friend said it was worth it, but we didn’t get to go.

We hung out near the water. The sun was up but the breeze was really cold.

At last, we’re here! We swam on the lake too – highly inadvisable if you don’t know how to swim. No lifeguards here.

There were no trees around, so we relied on tall grass for shade. This is also where we ate our lunch – for me it was just a mcchicken which we bought during the stopover on our way there. It wasn’t enough.

This wasn’t enough for our fellow travelers though. This is El – Pinatubo is her fourth hike with Trail Adventours, and her best by far.

We left around 3:00pm.

The walk back was faster. Partly because somehow we already knew where to go, and partly because we’re just too tired to stop and take photos. Although sometimes we still do. We felt like stopping meant losing momentum, so we just walked and walked with occasional water stops.

Don’t do this! I was stupid, but you’re not supposed to go near those spots where it seems the lahar will fall and bury you forever.

Finally, back where we came from.

This marks the beginning of many more hikes and mountains and craters and silly adventures.

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