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The Trail (Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales Part 2)

More than the beginning and the end, for me, what’s most important is what happens in between.

And this is what happened in between. We get down our 4×4 truck after that bumpy ride, and the beginning of the trail greeted us with a warm reminder to watch our steps.

This is what I wore: comfy shorts, a white top, slippers, and bikini underneath (because we plan to swim). I brought a jacket because the breeze was cold early in the morning, and extra slippers – which was proven to be useful later on.

The beginning of the path was an easy walk. 

We took some time to look around. As we should. It’s not everyday you get to look up in the sky and find mountains instead of buildings.

The rocks, at first, are like barriers. They make the hike a bit more challenging. But after a few hours of walking on them, you realize all you have to do is understand. It’s like you have to form some kind of relationship with them – the rocks. Trust them, in a way. (okay, this is starting to sound psycho)

There are other hikers – some avid, others first timers like me. You could tell by how comfortable they are, and by the way they dress.

We asked Kuya Romy to get us walking sticks. It’s like having a third leg, and always helps when sometimes you think you’re about to fall.

Passing through rivers, it’ll help you gauge the depth of what you’re about to step on.

Our pace was slightly faster than others – mostly because we had a hiker with us and Nica and I had to keep up. At times we had to stop and wait for those who were supposed to be with us. We took it as an opportunity to look around, take photos, hydrate or rest.

The trick here is just to follow the water. It will lead you to the crater.

That way you’ll never get lost, even without the guide around. Nature has its way of telling you where to go.

Some people leave marks along the way. Superheroes too.

My sister and cousin – just because our photographer deserves the space.

Again, some walking me’s, as taken by the sister.

The mountains showed off what they can do if we decide to be naughty.

There are some things in the water we don’t understand.

Finally, the last stop before the last part of the trail. There are restrooms here and huts where you can stay and rest a bit before climbing up.

A bit of suspense here. Posting crater photos soon enough.

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