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30 Minutes of 360 Fit (360 Fit Club)

Warning: contains a lot of random things about me.

Each day – or maybe at least each month – you gotta do something that you previously thought was impossible. At least attempt to do something. If you fail, no matter. Fail better the next time. As long as you don’t break your neck (or your nose) in the process, you’ll be fine. Promise.

Tonight, I went to 360 Fit Club in Makati for that 30-minute circuit training trial to achieve mainly 2 things:

  1. To get my groove back, since I’ve had really crazy traveling and eating habits the past few weeks. See, my balikbayan cousin was here and she had five times my energy and I had to babysit her to all those treks and travels. While it was crazy and fun (love you joe), I sincerely think I gained a bit of weight in that short span of time. So now, I want to get back to my workout routine (if I ever had a routine) and get my ass moving. It has come to a point that lack of physical activity kinda stresses me out. Kinda like PMS. PWS, perhaps? Pre-workout syndrome?
  2. To not ditch my friends. Officemates Jean and Wency and I have been planning this for 5 million years already. The thing with my spontaneity and fickle-mindedness is that I end up saying no to previous plans I’ve committed to at the last minute. It’s not that I mean to, it’s just that sometimes other (more important) things come up unexpectedly. Things like Valentine’s Day – totally unexpected. And admittedly, it’s also because I kinda overestimate my battery life.

Nevertheless, tonight: check, check! On both goals.

We saw the 360 ad inside the comfort room of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf along Ayala Avenue. We thought, hey, this is pretty cool, we should try it! Next thing we know we were already going up the stairs from 6th to 7th (the elevator in their building will only take you to the 6th), ready for the kill. On the walls of the staircase are words of fitness wisdom like “This is already the start of your warmup”. O ha, there’s like that.

The place has quite a lot of other workout options to offer – zumba, yoga, pole dancing and others. But we went there specifically for the popular 30-minute circuit. The idea is that you go from one post to another, doing different sets of exercises for every post. Some are focused on the core, some on the legs, the arms, and so on. It’s a good mix of weight training, cardio, pushups and pullups. In between posts you have to jog in place – no resting allowed until the last millisecond. In the first round I thought it was quite easy – no sweat, all good. Later on, I realized it’s the fact that you do all that repeatedly without rest that will eventually get to you and make you say in the end, that was just 30 minutes?! Don’t worry though, there are different levels to choose from (1 to 5) for every post so no pressure to be a macho man on your first time.

While this kind of circuit training is something you can just memorize and do by yourself at home, personally I’d rather you just enroll at the club. It’s different being around like-minded individuals with their training game faces on. It’s not just the routine you’ll be paying for – it’s the atmosphere, the community, the trainer who shouts “good job” and “you can do it” and “last one” and “go go go”. Also, you’d pretty much want a lot of people to hear you screaming “fuck let’s do this”.

And then another thing, bring a friend with you. It helps to have someone who can push you to go with him/her, someone you can possibly healthily compete with in your workout sessions. If none of your friends feel like going, then by all means, make friends inside the club. It’s the perfect place to find people with the same fitness goals as yours (plus there are many hot people in gyms you know).

Just 30 minutes a day – I’m sort of starting to believe it’s possible. I went out of the building feeling like I had dumbells in my bags. Jean was already hot-headed and Wency just wanted to shower and sleep. I want to go back tomorrow and am considering making this a pre-capoeira training thing. Let’s see.

Note: I have decided after this workout, that I should start working for one of my resolutions this year. I shall name this resolution: #Absbisyosa – this is DAY 1.

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