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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body (WOD Nation Crossfit)

This whole day, I was just waiting for my arms to finally fall off. I have never felt this sore for years. Bloody hell. I kinda thought I was fit enough, so after a couple of weeks without physical activity, I decided I’d get a free trial session of 360 Fit Circuit. And since my friend Clare (whom I was surprised to see at the 360 club) invited me to try out WOD Nation Crossfit Training the next day, I just got too excited and headed straight to Fort after work despite being awfully late. I heard they were time-conscious people so I didn’t really plan to workout anymore, but since one of the trainers invited me, well, why not?

So I found myself in the parking lot right across Honda in Fort Bonifacio High Street. They start at 7:30pm and I got there at 8 so I had to catch up – warmed up and stretched a bit. I just followed the directions of the trainer since I honestly had no idea what crossfit was before that night. All I knew was that it’s a guerilla thing and that it’s quite similar to 360 Fit. Yes, I often do that – say yes to things I have no idea about. But before I digress… It turns out WOD actually means “Workout of the Day” (and if I’m wrong, please correct me). It’s also some kind of circuit training, and, as explained on their Facebook account aims to “[improve] your fitness and [help] you achieve your goals one constantly varied high intensity functional movement at a time”.

360 Fit vs. WOD Nation

Forgive me for the comparison to 360 Fit as I tried both on consecutive days, but they are very similar in that they give you a workout that you can easily fit into your busy day.

For 360 Fit, the idea is to finish the whole circuit in 30 minutes. This consists of 20 stations for 30 seconds each – no rest til you finish the whole circuit. That gives you 10 minutes per set x 3 sets = 30 minutes for the entire workout.  So if you give 15 minutes to stretching, and another 15 minutes to shower and changing, *ding* you could easily fit this in your lunch break.

For Crossfit, you get to choose from 2 options: WOD A – for beginners and second-timers (this is where I fit) and WOD B – for non-beginners and regulars. For the former, the routine that night was to do 6 sets of 4 lunges, 4 hand shuffles, and 10 jumping jacks. The rule is you have to finish a set within 1 minute – whatever’s left of that minute will be your rest time. If you don’t finish within 1 minute, that’s not counted. Don’t worry, in reality, a regular person can finish a set in maybe 15-20 seconds. That should give you ample time to rest, and leave you enough energy for 4 more sets! WOD B is just more advance – I didn’t do this though (although looking back now, I should have) so I don’t remember exactly what the routine was. But if you do the math: 10 sets of 1 minute each = that’s just 10 minutes of super intense workout.

Quality and Consistency

In Crossfit, they want you to remember two things: quality and consistency. If there’s a push up, make sure your chest touches the ground. If there’s a lunge, let your knees land on the floor. To make sure you’re consistent, you are actually “scored” according to the time you finish your sets. After all those rounds, your score will be your longest set. There’s no way you cannot be competitive about this since people will be shouting “DONE” so that they’d hear their scores from the trainer, and you wouldn’t wanna be heard shouting last. In the end of the session, you’ll also be asked to write down your score on the whiteboard for all to see. Ah, but no matter if yours is the longest. Actually, your biggest competitor here is yourself.

Why Crossfit?

I usually get a kinda regular dose of workout through Capoeira so my body should have been used to all that intensity. And yet (and yet!) I woke up the morning after Crossfit feeling like a bulldozer hit me. I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to get myself off the bed. My arms and shoulders were just sore as friggin’ hell. I couldn’t believe it at first so I slept on it for a bit, only to wake up again a few minutes after with the same feeling. It must have been the intensity of it – it hit different parts of my muscles that the usual movements I’m used to in my training sessions don’t hit as much. This is entirely outside of my comfort zone, which is perfect since it means I just found parts of my body that still need some strengthening work. And you know what, really, the fact that we’re doing it on the streets (or the parking lot) just pulls up it’s awesomeness rating to a 9/10.

This is how it’s being done elsewhere in the world:

I look forward to the next morning I’ll be waking up in pain. I think I’ll see them again next Thursday.

#Absbisyosa DAY 2

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