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Capoeira and the World (Brasilipinas 2012)

Though I’ve been doing capoeira for a while, I’ve never participated in a capoeira event that is not ours – that is, until yesterday. It was Escola Brasileira de Capoeira’s Batizado, which is part of a yearly festival called Brasilipinas.

Batizado, if directly translated to English, means “baptism”. Explained simply, this is where new capoeiristas are welcomed to the family by receiving their first cordaos (cords or belts), and where some of the more advanced ones graduate and receive higher belts, just like with other martial arts.

Can you find me in this photo?

Sinha Bahia de Capoeira Manila was invited to the EBC Batizado through our Mestre, Mestre Torpedo. Initial feelings? Excitement. We’ve welcomed a lot of visitors in our own events, but it’s nice to actually be the visitors this time. For me, the feeling is akin to traveling – it’s being outside of your comfort zone and being around people who are both  different and the same. We’re different in that every group in capoeira are taught differently and somehow have different cultures. We’re the same in that we share the same passion – the art of capoeira. That sole reason, for me, should be enough for both groups to have more collaborations here in the Philippines in the future.

Brasilipinas was graced by many other capoeiristas from all over the world – France, Australia, Malaysia – and even other parts of the Philippines, like Bacolod.

Here’s a short video of the warm up roda, which was played mostly by the mestres, profesors and high-belts, before the actual batizado:

And a video of my 5-second game (hey Mao Pequenha, you’re here too), which I wish was even just a bit longer:

After this experience, I kinda feel I want to play capoeira all over the world. I shall include this in my travel wish list.

#Absbisyosa Day 4

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